Tough month. Most of us did not vote for the man occupying the white house, nor thought it could get any worse. Then he filled his cabinet with people, not unlike himself, totally unqualified or holding adversarial views for their assigned posts. Then there’s Russia. RUSSIA! We are hearing the words “traitor” and “impeach” and “Logan Act” and “emoluments clause.” And the GOP congress is doing nothing but falling in line behind the same man whose name they could not utter when they voted for him in November.

I, like many, soul searched on November 9th. There must be a reason why this is happening. Well, let’s face it, if Hillary had been elected, there would be continued obstruction from congress, no progress on any issue, and the Dems would have likely continued their slow but steady pace to the right instead of adopting a progressive, populist position. Now we have this lazy, stupid, xenophobic, misogynistic, Putin-loving, narcissist as our president. What do we do now?

Well, the Women’s March had 1.2 million people protesting in DC on January 21st and millions other across the country and the world. They were expecting 300,000. It dwarfed the inauguration crowd the day before. There weren’t enough trains running and you had at least a 45 minute wait for any form of toilet. I was there. It was overwhelming and empowering. And it was just the beginning.

Since then, there have been countless protests, rallies, and marches in DC and local congressional offices around the country, against the president, his cabinet, and the congress. And the phone calls to congress! Overloading switchboards and filling message mailboxes. I knew this movement was special when thousands showed up at airports within 24 hours of the Muslim ban. No advanced planning – just showing up and being a voice for what is right. We, the PEOPLE, are now AWAKE!

Our movement is working. GOP members are afraid to hold town halls, since they can’t defend their policies. Dems know they have to grow a progressive backbone or get primaried. To quote from “Network,” one of my favorite movies, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

I know as our actions continue, we will swing that pendulum back far left. We are now correcting a government that has inched away from the populist view since Reagan took office. It’s not any less difficult today to witness the president destroy the EPA and public schools, deport immigrants who contribute more in taxes than he, and put a big bullseye on us all with his arrogant comments and religious intolerance. But we needed this wake up call. We needed this groundswell of people to get outraged. And by truly correcting our government to reflect what the people want, we will get our happy ending.