In considering this election year so far, the quote “May you live in interesting times” comes to mind.  The phrase is thought to be a translation of a Chinese curse, but has never been verified.  Even more appropriate.

I see this race as a continued choice of Country vs. Ego.  I was and continue to be an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders as a candidate for President and now as leader of the political revolution he started.  Despite the obvious shenanigans of the “neutral” DNC and the absurd existence of the “super delegate,” Bernie, in true statesman form, yielded to Hillary and authentically gave his full support to her in defeating Trump.  He gave every effort to quell the fires of the DNC leaks during the convention and continues to message his supporters that we must vote Hillary to beat Trump.

Bernie Sanders’ actions display a true love of country.  Then again, they always have.  Running for President was not about the power of the presidency to feed his ego.  If you have any doubt, just have another look at his tax returns.  In the 40+ years he has served the country, it is clear from the income he has earned that his reward is in that very service, trying to make the country better for all.

So now it’s down to Hillary vs. Trump.  I was slow to embrace Hillary, but suffice it to say the convention (and Bernie’s continued oversight) has enabled me to vote for her without throwing up in my mouth.  Kidding aside, even post-convention, I’m encouraged by the message she is currently delivering.  But compared to Bernie, she represents more ego than country.  In the primaries, she seemed to lean wherever it was politically expedient.  She played the woman card too much and as a woman, I do not believe the additional X chromosome automatically yields the best candidate.  I do think that she wants to make the country a better place for all, but I also think her ego is just dying to be the first female President.

That said, any amount of ego present in Hillary’s candidacy, is overshadowed by the massive obnoxious blob that is Donald Trump’s ego.  This man makes Kanye West look humble.  What is particularly amazing about Trump’s overgrown ego is the fact that given his privileged circumstances, he is at best a mediocre businessman.  My guess is that starting as a child, this guy was praised for every poop he made – kind of like my friend’s 16 year old sickly cocker spaniel who is praised and given a treat each time she accomplishes the same.  Somehow, Trump’s praise as a toddler for making a poop combined with his later achievement in the highly revered reality television field has metastasized into his belief that he is qualified to be our President. 

And we should be outraged and offended.  It is so clear from what little substance we know about this man (where are those college transcripts and tax returns?), that he is a spoiled brat who boasts about fictitious accomplishments but has never worked hard in his life.  He hires others to work hard for him.  He has no interest in being President other than to feed his beast of an ego.

In less than 100 days, America will make a choice between promoting Hillary’s Country and feeding Trump's Ego.  For me, I will choose Country.  I hope all of us, with our egos in check, will do the same.