Feeling the “BURN” since I’m (Not) With Her

I strongly support Bernie Sanders.  I am a 40+ woman.  From what I read and hear, this makes me an outlier.

Bernie has the strong support of male and female Millennials, but for some reason, if you are a 40+ female, there is an expectation to support Hillary…and some infuriating assumptions if you don’t.  

Like you are not a feminist and don’t trust a woman to be president or you are immune to the prevalent workplace gender issues.  I recently saw an interview where a 40+ female Hillary supporter explains Bernie’s female Millennial support saying it was due to their not being exposed to enough female bias to appreciate Hillary.  Really?  STOP!

Perhaps the Millennials, along with this 40+ woman (who can shame any Hillary supporter with numerous Anita Hill-like anecdotes along with lack of equal pay and promotion opportunities), are seeking some significant, progressive change.  I simply prefer Bernie’s ideas and platform, his strong commitment to social issues and education, climate change and the environment, lack of super PACs, breaking up the banks, taxing the millionaires and corporations, etc.  Hillary’s platform is good, but Bernie’s is better.

I am a 40+ female who knows a woman can do anything, is intimately familiar with gender bias, and is making her decision regardless of sex.  That’s my brand of feminism.

Tony Howell

Tony Howell is a digital strategist dedicated to helping you design your future—creating offline success from your online presence.